Hi there!

My name is Gabor Heja and this is my personal home page with some basic information and a short introduction to my professional background and some more.

I was born on 23rd December, 1985 in Szolnok. I grew up with my parents and my two brothers in a little village but since 2005 I live in Budapest.

I have a really infrequently updated blog, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more places described at the bottom of the page.

Sysadmin by day

At my regular job I am working as a system administrator lead. I am running Linux servers, designing and operating networks. I am most familiar with Debian Linux and its derivatives like Ubuntu, but I am not afraid to set up and run an Oracle Enterprise Linux either.

I like creating and maintaining systems, from small scale to high availability ones, be that a LAMP stack or an ASM backed Oracle RAC. I admit, sometimes it can be tricky and not trivial to make them work as they should be working, but in the end I always convinced them to do so one way or another so far - yes, in some cases that meant hacking.

... developer by night

Before I became a full time sysadmin I was a web developer. I used to design, create and improve webpages mostly based on the LAMP stack as a Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer. Before and since then I am still using PHP for personal and somewhat larger webpages, too. Despite the rumors it can scale nicely with some effort.

In my free time I like to create things or disassemble the others, learn from them and then create new things. Or just learn about new subjects, dig deeper in subject I am already familiar with.

Experimenting with new technologies

I've been always curious.

I always liked to see if a new technology works for me, if it works in my hands, if I can make it work. I always liked to try them and mostly I was curious about what was behind the scenes.

Although I don't really like to jump into something new just for the buzz without gaining any measurable advantage when the already existing solution works perfectly. But trying out something, expanding my experiences could not hurt, I think.

I like to support creative minds

Sadly creativity alone is almost never enough, that's a well known fact. This is why I really like to encourage and give support to the people who come up with innovative or creative works - may these be concepts, products, musics, games or anything in between and beyond them.

Fortunately recently there are emerging platforms for this cause and I've been able to support projects that I liked on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Bandcamp, Patreon so far.

Some of my works

As I said earlier, I like to experiment and play around with things, concepts, ideas.

Unfortunately due to lack of time yadda-yadda... lots of them stuck in the just-an-idea phase while others reach the proof-of-concept state and in some cases when I had the time and the interest long enough they become working and maintaned [citation needed] projects.