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Works and projects


A Hungarian mirror of some open-source or free projects, like Eclipse, OpenTTD, Opera, Ultimate Boot CD.

Website: http://filemirror.hu/


gforjump is a simple game written in JavaScript, my first attempt to use HTML5 canvas. It also has a simple multi-channel synth with multiple instruments and basic effects, also in JS, also my first attempt. Both have bugs and could be improved, but they were just experiments.

The Pop Tart Cat Game!

One of the first Pop Tart Cat / Nyan Cat games, created in collaboration with Laszlo Vincze (Vincenzo) and great help of Viktoria Molnar, my cousin.

Website: http://www.thepoptartcatgame.com/


A distributed computing framework aiming for flexibility and simplicity, implemented in php + MySQL (the server), and bash scrips (the client).

GitHub repository: http://github.com/gheja/hive

lunar_date() for PHP

A date() function for Lunar Standard Time (LST) implemented in PHP based on Lunar Clock site.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/gheja/lunar_date

Demo: http://stuffs.kakaopor.hu/lunar_date_demo/


A PHP class to generate captchas simply.

Demo: http://dev.kakaopor.hu/captchaz/

Pop-art QR

A colorful fancy “pop-art” style QR code generator written in PHP.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/gheja/lunar_date

Demo: http://qr.x0.hu/


Website (category on this site): /category/photo/378fix50/

Old tumblr account: http://378fix50.tumblr.com/


A simple and mobile browser-friendly interface for Google Maps, designed to simply put a coordinate on map.

Website: http://map.x0.hu/


A cat that looks left and right. Yes, it is pointless. But cute.

Website: http://leftrightleftrightleftrightleftright.com/

… and some other bits

  • I have commited to OpenTTD, Magic Lantern a few bugfixes.
  • I am planning to commit to a few more bugfixes and features in the future to these and other projects.
  • And also, I am developing/scripting/hacking a lot at the company where I work. :)