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Hello World!

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a blog for a while now, but it always remained an idea only. Once I started one, beginning with the first paragraph almost exactly like this, but it lasted for one post…

Not so long ago, about a year, I bought a Canon EOS 550D (this is the same as the Rebel T2i in the USA) after my first camera, a Fuji Finepix 5500fd, and have started to play with it immediately. The next step was to buy a 75-300mm lens, and after that I bought the fixed 50mm one. I liked it so much I started a blog, 378fix50, dedicated to photos made with exclusively that lens every day. After a month or so it became a bit frustrating I could not post any other photos. For this reason or the lack of my free time, maybe by just pure laziness in the last two weeks, although I made some photos I have not uploaded any of them – but I am starting this blog to fix this problem, too, I will post my non-fix50-ish photos here also.

And I was thinkig a lot of the language of my new blog, if I should write it in my native language – Hungarian, or in English. Finally I decided it would be the best to write in both languages, although I am almost completely sure this will be more a photoblog than a text one.

And so, here we go, godsped, first post!