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Development for Game Boy (Color)

I have to say, the Game Boy is a pretty impressive platform.

With a 4 MHz 8-bit CPU, 8 kB RAM and 8 kB video RAM (serving the 2.6″ display with 160×144 resolution) it has great limitations but nice perspectives at the same time.

It is good to be known that the display is refreshed at 60 FPS (whoa) and the device has a 4 channel sound system (with mono speaker but stereo headphone jack). It has also hardware-level tile storing (8×8 or 8×16 tile data, the pixels itselves) and tile mapping (32×32 tiles map, that’s 256×256 pixels on this bad boy:)) function, also the background-scrolling is implemented here (at any given time 20×18 tiles (160×144 pixels) are visible but 32×32 (256×256 pixels) are in the video RAM).

Documentations I find useful and any work I do will be stored in a git repository on github: https://github.com/gheja/gameboydev/