Random idea: Interval tracker

I have some task that I need to do regularly – and I guess I am not the only one. Not the ones that need to be done at an exact time, just it has to be done somewhat regularly. Like watering my plants, recharging the long unused spare battery for my camera (or just swap with the in-use one), taking a backup of my photos, and so on.

Creating a recurring event in my calendar would not help it really much as I tend to hit the dismiss instead of snooze, and as I said these are not immediate things to do, so the snooze button is not really suitable for this (at least for me) as snoozing them every half hour gets really annoying after a while and leads to pressing the dismiss very soon.

Also, having a calendar with ticks and other marks is not the solution for me either, I’d be too lazy to look at the calendar anyways…

So i guess the ideal solution would be something like a task list but with recurring tasks, countdowns and a big “yeah, i’ve done that!” button beside each item that would restart the timer of course (Lost, anyone?).

Maybe the countdown should count the overdue, too. And some fancy green-yellow-red colors. And Doge. Definitely Doge somewhere.

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