Random Idea: Moving Munzees

I’ve been playing Geocaching for a while now.

Lately I’ve started to play Munzee, a game that is the little brother of Geocaching in my point of view. It is working by the same idea, you’ve given the coordinates and you have to find the hidden treasure. Although here is no treasure at all, just a QR code stuck to a surface – usually at the back of (traffic) signs and bottom of traffic lamps. So finding it is not that great challenge after a while…

The idea is the following: what if we stuck the QR codes on non fixed objects, but moving ones? I.e. you could stick it on a train (somewhere hidden, not on a window or seat, so where you could only find it if you’re looking for it). It would be more challenging, and also you could track where the object travels (could be illustrated on a “spotted here” map) also you could meet something you met earlier at a different place.

I think this could add another layer of fun to the game.

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