101hero troubleshooting: skewed print

I’d like to cover the most common issues faced during first prints using a 101hero.

One of the most common is the skewed print, like in the following images.

Photo by Bogdan Bóg Anczarski posted in 101 Hero (Unofficial) Facebook Group.

This is most likely because of the stepper motors skipping steps. The problem can be traced back to one of two reasons: a belt touching the pylon or too high printing speed. Fortunately both problems can be fixed easily.

First check all your belts during a print. See if any of them is touching the plastic of the pylon, rubbing against it. If yes then check the pulley/carriage attached to the belt, find where the belt is fixed to it. Try to push the belt a little to the front or the back. If this does not help you can also try to loosen the screw holding the bearing in place on the top of the tower a bit.

If you see no problem with the belts it can be a problem with the stepper motors moving the belts. If the printing speed is too high then the motors tend to skip steps. The 101hero is not a fast printer, the stock motors support up to 14 mm/s printing and travelling. Unfortunately in some cases this speed is still too high for the motors even with stock motors and stock GCode files (from 101land.com).

If you have the model you should try to reduce the speed of the printing by configuring the printing as well as travelling speeds to no more than 14 mm/s, maybe down to 10 mm/s.

If you do not have the model but only the GCode file (the ones that can be downloaded from 101land.com) you need to add a command to reduce the printing speed to a certain percent. Open the “101hero” file on your SD card with a text editor, find the line starting with G28 (“Move to origin/home”), and add a line right after that stating “M220 S75”. This command is “Set speed factor override percentage” and the parameter is the percentage (14 mm/s * 75% = 10.5 mm/s).

If printing with these settings fixes the problem then you should try to use higher printing speeds (or higher percentage) to see what is the speed your printer is still reliable at.

If you still have the problem leave a comment here or post in the 101 Hero (Unofficial) Facebook group.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the actual command to accomplish this fix. Had some drag too on the upper bearing on one pylon. Your help most appreciated.

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